Do you always have to use all the stuff? I have a 1 m fluorescent fixture with two 40w bulbs above my plants. I am seeing some good response. They are about 15 cm tall after 4 weeks of growth.

The leaves have purple stems and little sprouts are coming out of the crotches, but the leaves are small.


Two 40w fluorescent lamps are enough to get plants started, and plants will actually flower under them. But, cannabis is a high-light plant and it requires much light to grow and bloom properly. Plants grown under dim light conditions will bloom late and develop sparse wispy buds.

Your fluorescent tubes are producing about 22lumens per watt (LPW) of electricity consumed, and the lumens are delivered to plants along a 1.2 m run. Light diminish­es to the square of the distance, which means that it fades very, very fast. You must keep plants within a few centimeters of the bulbs for them to receive enough light to grow and bloom. Consider changing to a 65w compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) that produces about 70 LPW or a T8 fluorescent bulb that delivers about 100 LPW. You can find the 65w CFL at Home Depot for about $30. Such a lamp is the minimum you will need to grow a couple of plants from seed to flower.

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