I watched your grow DVD and it helped a lot but something that it didn’t talk about was regenerating. From what I read in several sources you cut off the top third of the plant and remove all the larger buds from the lower branches, then feed with a high nitrogen solution and set the plant back on a vegetative light cycle. Apparently this can yield a second and possibly a third harvest. Is this true? Ron, K

The DVD is only 100 minutes long and it is difficult to pack everything from inter­viewing thousands ofgrowers and visiting untold gardens for the last25years in that time frame. You are talking about rejuvenation, literally making the plant a juvenile again. To rejuvenate a harvested female leave several undeveloped lower branches with foliage on plants. Definitely remove all the good buds!A plant will rejuvenate even when you cut as much as 95 percent of the plant back. I prefer to leave about 20 percent of the bottom of the plant. Give her an 18/6 day/night pho­toperiod. The harvested female will stop flowering and rejuvenate and revert back to vegetative growth stage. Give the harvested, leafy buddy stubs an increased dose of high-nitrogen fertilizer to promote green, leafy growth. Given ideal conditions, this will help the harvested plant grow more foliage as it reverts back to vegetative growth in four to six weeks. New, green, leafy growth will sprout from the branches and flower tops. Leaves will continue to grow more and more “fingers” as re-vegeta­tion progresses. Let the rejuvenated plants grow until they are the desired size before inducing flowering with a 12-hour photoperiod. If second crops are allowed to grow too tall, they produce sparse buds. Remember, these plants are already root bound and when given dim light, sparse buds result. Such plants grown indoors are also more susceptible to pests and diseases.

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