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I purchased your DVD, which is very informative for my buddy and me. I am a first time grower and want to go all organic. I read many articles and plan to use a soilless mix and add 15 percent perlite, 15 percent vermiculite, and 20 percent worm castings. What else do you recommend? I plan to add a microorganism formula. What do you suggest? I’m not sure what fertilizer and micronutrients to use or when to apply them. Should I leave the ladybugs and praying mantises in the room from beginning to end, even when drying? Thank you very much for your wisdom.


Be careful when using vermiculite it holds a lot of moisture and can break down into to a mush quickly. My newJorge Cervantes’ Ultimate Grow DVD II has a great organic soil mix that will fit your needs perfectly. It is the one my good friends from 0sona Canem in Spain use. The measurements are in shovelfuls unless otherwise listed. It consists of 0.5 clay pellets (Hydroton), 1 perlite, 2 worm castings, 5 coco peat, 2 tablespoons Mineral Magic (General Hydroponics) and 2 cl trichoderma.

There are a lot of great organic fertilizers available. The worm castings should pro­videenough nitrogen for the crop. Some of my favorite organic fertilizer brands include Canna Bio Flora, Earth Juice and BioBiz. Check with your local garden center or hydroponic shop for recommendations too.

Ladybugs and their young will do little or no good in a grow room. They like to eat aphids, which do not normally bother cannabis. Ladybugs also have an affinity for the bright HID lamp and most of them will fly directly into it and expire within the first few days. Praying mantises eat all the insects in site, including ladybugs. 0nce the ladybugs are gone, they turn on each other. They are fun to watch in mortal combat, but they have little affect against the biggest grow room pest, spider mites. Your best bet is to keep your room clean and if spider mites show up, spot spray with neem oil or pyrethrum. Both are natural.

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