Warlock Feminised Seeds


Warlock Feminised SeedsThe Warlock is indica dominant but it also has some characteristics that are considered sativa by most people (elongation at flowering active high high calyx/leaf ratio). It is a branchy plant that will form only a few medium sized leaves and a massive amount of flowers so it is easy to manicure. The pistils are clear white when fresh changing to tan/pink when mature. The smell is strong and sweet some even a bit sour (like fresh fruit). The high is mainly cerebral.

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  • g13 nasiona feminizowane
  • magus genetics
  • мікроорганізм
  • magus genetic seed exile
  • warlock graine
  • זרעי קנביס
  • Warlock seed ita
  • warlock seeds
  • kali mist siemeniä
  • маг генетики


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