Hindu Kush x Haze Regular Seeds


Hindu Kush x Haze Regular SeedsHindu Kush x Haze is an IBL that was originally from the Skunkman but was never commercially released by him. It is a hybrid cross of Original Haze and the Skunkman’s 30 year old Hindu Kush cutting which most Dutch Hindu Kush strains are derived from. It is a lemony haze with long dense buds producing good yields due to its 50% indica/sativa genetics. The indica dominant phenotypes produced in this f5 are the closest thing to the pure Hindu Kush cutting.

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  • nasiona hindukuszu
  • kush x haze hybrid
  • nasiona hindukuszu cena
  • гиндукуш регулярные

  • burmese kush-buku איך מגדלים
  • nasiona hindukuszu
  • dutch passion seeds book 2011
  • hindukusch seeds
  • גראס הינדו כוש
  • fenotipi della canapa
  • גנטיקה זרעים
  • kush x haze hybrid
  • nasiona hindukuszu cena
  • κλαδεμα κανναβης


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