Royal Automatic is a feminised auto flowering variety from Royal Queen Seeds


Royal Automatic is a feminised’auto flowering’ variety from Royal Queen Seeds, and this report covers the staggeringly fast grow/ bloom period of this amazing strain. Four Royal Auto’ seeds were put in’Root Riot’ blocks and placed in the 1m x 1m x 2.1/2m high veg’ area which had just had some new shiny Mylar put on the walls. They sat under a 400 watt M/Halide lamp fixed to a freshly polished curved alloy reflector at a distance of 24 inches. For the next 63 days this would be their home (along with various cuttings that would come and go over the next two months).

The plan for the grow was this: three of the plants were to grow in a base of B’Cuzz (kilomix), and one would grow in a normal’cheap’tomato grow bag mixed with Perlite, at a ratio of 70/30%. By day three all seedlings were up, so I put them in their base mixes in 3 1/2-inch pots, and watered in well.

0ver the next 10 days things went with­out ahitch, and I moved the baby plants progressively closer over the next few days, until they were about 10 -12 inches from the lamp. 0n day 14 I gave a 2 ml dose of Nitrozyme (an organic growth enhancer) to two of the plants in the B’Cuzz mix. 0n day 16 I nipped the top out of one of the plants (in B’Cuzz mix) and re-potted all 4 plants in to 5-inch pots, I also gave the’nipped-out’one another 2 ml of Nitrozyme. The reason I didn’t pot straight in to their final 10-inch pots is because of the restricted size of the veg’ area, and the fact that it was at that time ‘bursting’with soon-to-be-moved clones.

Day 22 and the ‘nipped-out’ plant was showing her first flowers, whether this was down to the 2x doses of Nitrozyme or not I can’t be sure.The other plant I’dosed’ wasn’t flowering, just getting taller! The 3rd one that had had nothing was looking the sexiest in her growth structure, and the one that was in the cheap mix was doing… if I’m honest, badly.

Day 25 and the tallest plant started to flower. Day 27, and the third, ‘sexy’ plant started to flower. The one in the cheap mix just sat at 4 inches tall doing nothing much at all, but she was still very much alive.

By day 30 the temperature in the room had got quite high due to a real hot spell we were having, when it got close to 30 degrees. I had to include another 12-inch fan to the two that were already in there, and another 24-inch fan blowing air in from another (cooler) room. This resulted in a grand total drop of 1 degree! Hmm.

So I moved the lamp in the veg’ room up 6 inches, and this gave a tempera­ture at the top of the plants of about 27-28 degrees; much better!

(only registered users can se the link, login or register)By day 35, all four plants were flowering, two of them (the Nitrozyme two) were flowering really well, the 3rd was a bit slower, and as for the 4 inch high one in the cheap mix, it was looking completely bizarre! A miniature flowering ‘pot’ plant. Very weird! round about this time the plants started to smell quite strong, espe­ciallywhen the light was out.

Day 36, and I pot three of the four plants on in to a fresh mix of B’Cuzz’, in 10-inch pots. Day 38, and it is becoming very apparent that these plants are going to become a problem because of their smell – they really stink. I’ve had some stink­ers in my time, but these are something else! I don’t have filters on my veg’ room because basically I’ve never needed them. Even though some plants can smell a bit in veg’, I haven’t found it too much of a problem. It’s notjust that I have four’bud­ding”babes’ in aplace that isn’t suited for ‘budding’ smells; it’s the fact that these four plants smell like 40!

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