Royal Automatic is a feminised auto flowering variety from Royal Queen Seeds


watt lamp, that should give a minimum of 300g (based on this grow) every 60-odd days! In the past I’ve waited 90+ days for a room of Sativas to finish and give only marginally more!

So even though there is far less control of the grow and its ‘outcome’, with Autos compared to’non Auto’varieties, it must be said that sometimes that outcome (with non Autos) is not always what we’d hoped for, whereas Autos, and especially it seems’Royal Automatic’, are hardy, dura­ble, (smelly) plants, that do exactly what it says on the packet.

As for a feeding regime for Autos, it would appear that with the Royal Automatic it needs to be fed a bloom mix from when it starts to show flower, (about 21-22 days on soil, maybe at half doses for the first week or so) and can probably be fed at least weekly (if not, with care, more) until about day 50. I’m not sure about P/K boosters, the whole grow is so fast, I’m not
sure when you’d add them, or how much.

If anything I would get a growth enhanc­er in them as soon as possible, when they are young, to try and maximise on there short veg’stage. Also they need as much light as possible for the first weeks, again to try and maximise on that short veg’ period. As to whether’nipping-out’ the top is worth it, it would appear in this instance to be of marginal effect

So, if you want a different grow experi­ence, with a pretty much guaranteed result, (in a little over 1,500 hours), then Royal Automatic, (or any of the other Autos Royal Queen Seeds, provide) are the way to go. But if you do, don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Stay cool y’all!

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