Mis-grow becomes top harvest – Monster NLX on coco


Better and better, it just keeps on getting better and that’s just how it should be. Whether it is experience or luck or just coincidence, who knows? Do what you like doing and do it well, and the results will fol­low.What threatened to be a mis-grow proved in time to be a bumper harvest. This time it was the supersonic NLX that turned into such a winner under the lamp. A story of what an amateur can achieve if he can endure heat waves and too long apre-growth.

The story begins in the spring of 2009. The temperature had become comforta­blywarm. 0nce in a while it is even very hot. After a poor start to the spring the sun begins to do her work reallywell and the temperature barely drops under 20 degrees. This is also a great time to get some clones up and running indoors, since you do not have to keep them heated. Many of them might have problems       with the heat, but so long as you make available to them sufficient ventilation this does not necessarily have to lead to a messed up grow. Hang a few fewer lamps, use a heavier duty air extractor, or use water cooled or air cooled lamps are simple solutions to keeping the temperature in your space down by a few degrees. I personally let my lamps burn during the night, like everyone I think, and so long as there is no heat wave to bring the nighttime tempera­tures up above 30 degrees, everything should be hunky-dory. The ventila­tion does need to be on continuously, which will cause cooler evening air to be drawn through the grow space.

By the way, I replaced my trusty old 400- watt lamp with two 600-watt lamps, as a matter of going forward rather than backward. And the temperature was kept perfectly well under control, even in a relatively small space. It remained under 30 degrees and there was sufficient venti­lation thanks to the air suction and venti­lation running flat out.

Butthat is probably nothing compared to what the bigger growers have to do running ten or 20 times as many lamps. To these
I have just one word to say: airco. This is because I keep hearing from growers that although you can warm things up when it gets too
cold, there’s nothing you can do if things get too hot. But with a small (or large) investment in an airco installation you can grow in nice fresh indoor surroundings in even the hottest of heat waves. This is of course not everyone’s game, but it is an investment that will soon pay for itself in buds. The technology never stands still. Not in the growing scene either, and these days there is a gizmo for sale that can cool the air in advance of it entering your

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