Indoor Growing : Shiva Skunk feminized = male


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Subject: Shiva Skunk feminized = male
Posted: 28March2011 at 23:26

I had the most horrible time with sensi’s shiva skunk, after growing 20 skunk 1s, 10 super skunks and 15 clones of super I thought Id try the shiva’s, I have been a big fan of sensi seeds for a while and consider myself a top grower and not a noob who makes silly mistakes. out of 10 shiva 3 never germed. 4 were male and 2 plants had stunted growth and had to be binned. Was well annoyed so thank god I still had super clones or I would have been out of plants for a while. Should have spoke to sensi but just put it down to a loss, stay away from shiva skunk until they manage to get them more stable.. wyze
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