Its been too long…


…since ive journeyed the forums of the cure… You have no idea how ive missed all you guys and gals.. Im sure there is sooo much ive missed, and so many new things going on. Ive seen that there are some new spots added for the newbies and such, ive got a lot of reading to catch up on.

Hope everyones gardens are doing good and things are well for all of yous guys.. For anyone that may remember, my white widow crosses from back in the day have turned out to be UH-MAZE-ING…

Hope there hasnt been another run off of the old timers around here like just before I left.. Sword, Lou, Bobbooty, P3n, mattdreads, redman, muskogee, sso, space….i could go on and on.. Hope all of you are doing good and still making those awesome meds..

Just stopping in to say hey.. I just got set up with a new desktop so I plan to be around a little more.. Maybe here soon ill let you guys get a glimpse of the new Beach House, lol..its sooo much better than before, and its all thanks to the cure..

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  • אלמנה לבנה קנביס
  • dun-right nasiona marihuany

  • אלמנה לבנה גראס
  • dun-right nasiona marihuany
  • צמח אלמנה לבנה
  • אלמנה לבנה צמח
  • אלמנה לבנה איך מגדלים
  • אלמנה לבנה קנביס
  • האלמנה הלבנה מריחואנה


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