White Dwarf 100% Newbie


Hi Guys,

Let me start out by saying I’m new to growing any sort of weed and would welcome any hints and tips. I’ve selected to start out with White Dwarf auto flowering. A. because I’m growing in a small place and B. want a fast turn around for some personal smoke.

Here’s what one online seed shop have to say about the seed-

White Dwarf is an auto flowering Feminized plant with a powerful aroma and sweet taste which comes up from the crossing of two white widow based indica’s then adding the auto flowering genes of ruderalis to make the best in auto flowering dwarfs.These can be under 24 hours of light with no need to switch lighting during the photoperiod.White Dwarf Feminized is ready in 2 months after sowing regardless of the length of photoperiod.This makes it ideal for early crops, and it is a small plant which can be grown discreetly.
Its resiliance and short cycle reduce the chances of having problems during its growth; making it is a safe bet for beginners.

In terms of equipment I have what I think is called a 350 watt CLF dual to cover veg and flowering and TBH in as small a grow space as I have it seems plenty! I’m growing in potting compost the packet suggests it’s good for tomatoes and the like and I germinated the 2 seeds in the soil. Both have started to come up 5 days after planting (which is kinda nice as it’s my birthday too!)

If anybody would like to gimme advise and the odd bit of encouragement I’d be much obliged and will try n update this thread once a week or so.

I’ll try and figure out how to post some pic’s of the grow space.
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