So I went on a month 1/2 long T-Break


So I went on an unintentional T-Break for about a month 1/2. This would be my second t-break I guess. Well, I was really excited to smoke.vape again. I had just bought the MFLB and was about to pick up some dank bud (What bud isn’t dank in Denver?) Well, being high again was great.

But is it me or do T-breaks seem to be "somewhat" useless? I noticed that I got high just as fast as I always do, just not as high as I used to. I was expecting a little more… potent. I’ll smoke 2 joints before a movie and still be the same high I usually am. 😐 I remember going to the ice cream shop so ***** eyed people probably thought I was a hysterical sleep walker.

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