Yellowing leaves on young plant


What type of medium; soil or hydro?

What brand and type of soil?
Foxfarms Ocean Forest

Indoors or outdoors?

What strain?
Bagseed (a good bag)

How old is the plant?
2 weeks

What type of lights and how many watts?
8x 26w CFLs – 208w total

How far from the lights?

What is your watering frequency and source of water?
Started with tap water, changed to distilled, now back to tap..

What are the temps and humidity in the room?
about 80-85F and 30% humidity

What size pots?
Was a very large pot (like 12" x 12" x 15" tall) at first, just transplanted to a smaller pot as recommended

Any bugs? Look real close.
No bugs

Any other pertinent info?
First I noticed a very slight rust coloration on a new growth, but that only lasted a day or two and went away. Now my bottom leaves are yellowing. I thought maybe the rust color was from lack of cal/mag due to distilled water so I switched back to tap.
The leaves also seem a bit stiff and papery to me.
Everything else seems fine.
I realize I may have been overwatering it with the humongous pot the seedling was in, but I’m not sure if that is the cause or what.

Here are some pics of the yellowing:

This is from this morning, although I remember it looking worse in person D:

another from today, can’t really see too much yellow in this one, though:

from the day before yesterday:

This is my first grow, so I don’t know if I’m overreacting or what..
You can also check out my grow journal so far (link in my signature)

Could it be some sort of deficiency due to lockout from pH? I am waiting to get a good soil pH testing kit..

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