Heat issues in small tent


Normally my crappy and hot tent setup stays at around 83, maybe 80 on a good day. I just today saw my temps getting to the 85/86 level. Ive had trouble keeping it low as it is… but this i feel is the line of unacceptable.

the room is about 10×1010 (very rough guess). the tent inside the room is 4x4x6.5, and has a 1000w HPS bulb in a 8" hydrofarm radiant. It is independently cooled with an 8" inline fan with 675cfm both intaking and exhausting into the room the tent is in. However, both the hood and the inline fan have 8->6" reductors on them, all connected to 6" ducting.

To counter this i have a window ac unit that i think is rated for 5000 btu. Also there is an oscillating fan in the tent. Also there is co2 running 3 times a day for 5 minutes at .5 cf.

I’m f’ing terrible with routing of ventilation and cooling. if pictures woulf help i cant take them… but its very simply set up.

I have a carbon filter and a 6" fan to run with it that I originally had hanging inside the tent, at the top, with the fan on the tent floor exhausting out it. I had to stop doing this because of the co2, and eventually itll smell enough to where I cant keep the fan off for as long as the plants need the co2. So now I’m not running the fan/filter at all because its not really that smelly yet.

Any advice? Is it just too hot a bulb for that small of a room? Is the 8-6 reduction too much?
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  • lowryder small tent
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  • lowryder small tent
  • refroidir grow tent 1000w


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