hydroponic system setup?


hey guys,

so ive prepared my 8square foot grow closet and i am now ready to begin setting up my hydroponic system.

Below i have attached an image of how i plan to run the system, if you guys can give me advice/input that would be great.

Since im planning on growing only about 3-5 plants with roughly 6 cfl light bulbs my questions to you guys are:
1. How big of a resovoir tank do i need?
2. How big of a fish pump should i look into for this tank?
3. How long and how much water should be fed to the plants with my drip system setup on a timer?
4. is my ventilation system setup correctly? i will be attached a DIY carbon filter to remove the smell
5. Since my clothes and grow closet all are in the same closet area, will my clothes start to reek like marijuana to a distinctive point if someone stands beside me they will smell it off my clothes? Thats why i am working so hard to have my carbon filter done correctly?

i think this system is also known as the ‘drip hydroponic system’ if im not mistaken, correct me if im wrong!

btw i will be using all dark colored containers so i dont give life to other things ;). If this isnt clear enough please ask ill try explain it as best as i can!

Let me hear ur input guys! thanks.
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