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Subject: LED GROW
Posted: 08April2011 at 11:55

after a few weeks off-line, i am back!The first results of growing with Leds …First picture showing 4 clonesthe 2 clones at the left had led lights after potting, the other two had 600 w hpsthe 2 at the right had an advantage of 3 days but burn..the led clones had no slowdown. they started to veg immediately!!!Leds give no heat so you can give them full light from the beginning.. btw these plants are Jack Flash # 5.second picture a jf5 50 days 12-12, the plant was weak at the beginning of the led project, it was a left over clone.My opinion is that the quality of the buds is better and stronger and more beautiful!Less weight, but remember in summer when its hot and you use a 600w it will be extreme hot you get less yield with a 600w too!The white hairs turn into fluo orange under the leds, under 600w they turn light brown,the plants seem less stressed under ledlights.I experimented with several plants and systems. At this moment the result is for me that its best to flower under 50% 600w and 50% 100w leds ) what i did was3 hrs 600w plus 6 hrs led plus 3 hrs 600w is 12 hrs. i guess 50% yield but better quality and it was a few weeks cold so 600w is better then, but in summer definately leds for me,btw laws are getting worse and leds are more safe, less electricity use. %3c3cndefinedi have been away for a few weeks, its impossible to answer all pms and replies in the threads..sorry!!
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