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I am sure there are many of us out there so I was wondering if some people might stop by to let myself and others know your experience with growing any of the following strains. And please feel free to post your questions about the beans you have. I feel that there are a lot of good genetics to choose from and the community may benefit by hearing how these seeds responded to those who have had experience with them.

Currently I am in the beginning stages of vegging these varieties and can use any help offered:
For Indoor Grow:

ANYONE with good info on the following please drop by and post your knowledge!!!!

Chemmy Jones – 12 seeds (got a extra in the pack) (was a freebie pack)
Sour Hazy Jones – 11 seeds
Pepe Le Chem – 10 seeds
Damn Sour (fem) – 5 seeds
Jack the Ripper – 5 seeds
Kaboom ( Jack’s Cleaner x Vortex) – 3 seeds
Il Diavolo (fem auto-flower freebie)

For Outside : (these are mostly freebies I got from ordering the above except for the Ganesh)

Ganesh – 20 seeds
Pure Afghan – 13 seeds
Purple God Bud x Bog’s L.S.D#1 ( made these on my last grow) – 5 seeds (fem)
White Widow x Big Bud – 1 seed (fem)
Sugar Black Rose – 1 seeds (fem)
Northern Light Blue – 1 seed (fem)
Critical + – 1 seed
Power Kush – 1 seed (fem)
Easy Sativa – 1 seed (fem)
Grapefruit – 1 seed (fem)
Kushage – 1 seed (fem)
True Blueberry – 1 seed (fem)
S.A.G.E. – 1 seed (fem)

I have gotten almost a 100% germination form all of them ( lost about 3 of the Ganesh and 2 of the Pure Afghan)

I have experience in growing:

Soma’s NYCD ’04’ batch
Soma’s Citralah
Rez’s Wonder Diesel
Rez’s Wonder Haze
Rez’s Wonder 99 (pineapple)
BOG’s original release L.S.D.
BC Bud Depot’s God Bud
Kali Mist
Arjan’s Haze #2
Sour Metal Haze ( a friend’s breeding experiment)
Mexican Sativa
Blackberry O.G. ( bagseed)
Jack Herer

If anyone has questions on these strains I feel I can be of help to you. I have done all of these in the following manner: Indoor Soil, Outdoor Soil, Indoor Hydro (Auto-pot system)
Outdoor in pots, Outdoor in ground, Outdoor Hydro (auto-pot system).
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