Outdoor Growing : First wave


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Subject: First wave
Posted: 11April2011 at 11:46

Hi all

The first wave of my outdoor grow have just popped,i planted 20 seeds all regular, 10 guerilla’s gusto(sensi seeds) and 10 early skunk(sensi seeds)i went with regular earlys because of reading some post’s on here about male’s an hermi’s in the fem version as i buy from a reseller i have no way of knowing if there old stock or not.But so far all have germinated and are now one inch high.thanks sensi

The next wave will be 10 mexican sativa(sensi seeds) an 10 shiva santi 2(sensi seeds) also regular which will be some time in june.

hoping for the same success rate but it’s no problem if not.I like regular seeds because i like to pollinate an get some seeds back for next year and also to cross them. Evan though they are f1 hybrid’s and the offspring will be varied this only add’s to the fun.any way wishing all outdoor grower’s a good autumn an all indoor grower’s cool temp’s over the summer.
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