Worst High Ever – Bad Trip


Weed has always been my favourite drug. I’ve done many drugs. The one thing that stands out from them all is weed. Its natural, no comedown, not physically addictive, can’t die from it, etc.

I used to smoke weed heavily from when I was 17 to about 21 then I stopped for about 16 months up until just 2 weeks ago.

My first time getting high in 16 months was crazy. It felt like I entered a new dimension, a parallel universe, like my train of thought just went a different direction and I saw the world differently even though everything was the same.

Just 2 nights ago, I figured I would make a waterfall bong because they smell less and get you way higher. I have some strong kush at the moment so I packed a fat bowl in the waterfall and took a hit… It was not good!

I felt too high to walk around the house incase someone asked me any questions or tried talking to me so I just laid in bed and pretended I was going to sleep. While laying in bed I had the worst trip ever. My mouth was extremely dry and my throat was fucked up most likely because how harsh the waterfall hit was. I only had one water bottle and felt like I had to ration it out because I needed to keep using it to keep hydrated.

My heart was racing really fast and I felt like I had to control my breathing or sit in certain positions because I couldn’t breathe properly. I felt really hot and my mouth kept getting dry really fast. My whole body felt like it was made out of jello or something and physically I felt really fucked up. I felt a little dizzy at times and just overall really confused.

Another really bad thing that happened was the mental affects. I felt like I was in complete self sabotage. I kept pointing out things wrong with me and looking at my life in reality and really putting myself down. Usually weed makes me optimistic but it felt like my high was slapping me in the face with whats really going on. It felt like my ego was being destroyed or something. I looked at certain events in my life and looked at how I should have handled certain things or how I should have lived my life.

I don’t want to continue on… But it was the worst high i’ve had in my life. I honestly think the main thing that made it really bad was the fact that I used a waterfall bong. It was too strong of a hit and not to mention, it made my throat extremely dry and made me feel like I couldn’t breathe so I just panicked. That was definitely a slap in the face. I guess I can’t handle weed as well as I used to be able to.
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  • kanepi bad trip
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