Outdoor Growing : HELP!


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Subject: HELP!
Posted: 12April2011 at 19:52

some of my plants are literally just falling apart??!?! yet some of them are perfectly fine? i planted them all about 2 1/2 weeks ago in biobizz lightmix watering them every 3 days or so, they were all growing well and most were about 1 – 2 inches tall while the largest was about 4 inches..then suddenly i come back to water them the other day and like 16 of them have just crumbled away e.g stalk broken, disintegrating but the others are still growing fine and are about 2 – 3 inches with their first leaves. i am waiting for my biobizz all mix to get to me, then will transfer them all into bigger pots whether they are disintegrating or not.

please help!!

thank you!
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