Possible Week 7 Problems (gotta be kidding me.)


This is my first grow. I’m a medical patient and did TONS of research. Have a lot of "Pros" that have helped, not going to pull the "LOOK HOW GOOD I DID" card.

Plants : 9 Trees

Light : 1000w HPS (Not air cooled :[, honesty is just my virtue)

Nutes : Foxfarm liquids and powders, Humbolts Gravity/ Snow Storm ULTRA

Soil : Ocean forest 5 gallons

1 sweet tooth/ 1 pineapple express/ 3 Sweet Island Skunk / 1 Purple Kush/ 3 Strawberry cough

Pics upcoming soon.

But the problem is I’m thinking I see some abnormal formation of the Sweet Tooths main cola. The tip top looks like it had some lumps I took out (No seed starts in them). I’m just REALLY worried about doing so well and have a hermie come out in f*#@ing week 7.

First question : On hermies do the "seed sacks" start at the main cola and then affect the rest?

Second question: Is it normal for foliar sprays to change the hairs color earlier than natural and does that matter?
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  • dutch master reverse vs snowstorm ultra for hermies
  • snowstorm ultra seeds

  • snowstorm ultra seeds
  • dutch master reverse vs. snowstorm ultra for hermies


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