Breaking it to my House mates?


Ahoy GC,

I’ve been living out of home for the past 5 months with two chicks and a dude. The dude has only just moved in recently prolly bout a month ago… One girl is is a second year psychology student(know it all kind of person(thinks she knows a lot about weed but doesn’t.. classic ignorant person). The other, a student nurse (only knows what her school and parents have told her but realises this and therefore does not pass judgement) and the dude works at Coles (Don’t know his status on it yet)..

Anyway I’ve been choofing almost daily (ninja style) around them since about a month after i moved in and am getting sick of hiding it. Now, I’ve been a good house mate imo. I do more than my bit around the house (cleaning, handyman shit etc), am always nice and get along with them.

My question is- How should i Break it to my housemates?
I ask this as a genuine question and would like helpful responses please :smoke:
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