Does THC content effect the usefulness of a plant for its fibers?


kinda a dumb question and not sure where it should go but here it goes…

I find it easier to obtain MJ seeds that will grow than hemp seeds(they’re legal for food but must be denatured so no good)
I also know that sativa strains work better for hemp fibres so that’s not an issue
hemp strains tend to have VERY low THC content and i am wondering if THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT?

I am planning on growing some bud this year and am gonna grow some plants(just a few in thier own plot) out for seeds to grow more and what not and was wondering if i kept sativa seeds and grew them out if i could harvest the buds and THEN use the FIBER’s for hemp products such as clothing as well as using the MALES for fibres

though this is not something i NEED to do atm i plan to do it so i can LEARN how and than when/if I NEED the skill i have it along with the resources(the plant)
thx for any help guys appreciate the knowledge:)
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