My day of complete WIN


So today I wake up at 5am to go work and realise that I got a big noodle stain on my jeans. I look around my room for another pair, slip em on and find a baggy with about 3g of good dank I thought I lost. I get into work and the hot chocolate machine has 1.40 change still on the counter so free hot chocolate and a packet of crisps for me. At 10am the boiler at work breaks down so we got to go home 4 hours early. On my way out of work a work mate says to me that I lent him 20 on a night out 2 weekends ago and at the time was probably to drunk to remember and passes me a crisp 20 note. I take the 20 and buy some cigs and then on the way home make a joint to smoke. Feeling pretty high I walk past a subway (sandwiches) on the way home and stop in to get an italian bmt sub. While eating my sub I spot some colouring books for kids and being high I decide to do some mother fucking colouring but get bored and draw a big cock on one of the pages just as a subway worker walks past me and says "thats real mature! I hope your proud" and with out thinking I say back "Im sorry, your under the impression that im intrested in the opinion of somone who puts the extra cheese in my sandwich" and a group of kids behind me start laughing at him. Feeling like a boss I walk out of subway and make another joint. I get home and my GF is in my room typing up some uni work so I start playing oblivion and out of nowhere she starts to act all horney and then starts sucking me off while im playing oblivion and while im playing I find some hella good magic loot then put down the pad, tap that ass, cum on her face, cuddles, then she makes me another sandwich and says shes going to go shoping in town with her friends.


im kinda expecting tomorrow to be balls to even out my karma.
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