SuperThrive and Feminized Seeds



I have noticed more and more people are using a small bottle of hormone rich nutrient called SuperThrive. This stuff may be the best thing on earth for rooting clones but you should never ever use and hormone rich small bottle nutes on a feminized seed. Feminized seeds are already hermie prone and all carry a hermie trait that these small bottle nutes, which are very rich in hormones, can and will (most likely) bring out during flowering. So do yourselves a favor and dont risk it.

I used it on 3 Riot Seeds Grape Stompers and sure as hell all 3 hermied at week 6 of flower and they got so uncontrollable I had to chop early. The grow went great up to the hermie issue. No stress on these girls either. Perfect temps in the rezzy and air temps were great. I have no scientific proof but I wasgiven this info by a well known breeder (Matt Riot) and when a guy that does this for a living tells me something … I listen.

I hope this info helps and if you wanna chat about it feel free to do so. You will get no argument from me on the issue. Like I said I am just going on info I received and after receiving this info my feminized Grape Stompers hermied right up so I am a believer.

Happy Growing!!!
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