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Subject: lowryder #2 grow log
Posted: 19April2011 at 01:05

Im going for the lowryder again, but this time i plan to have much more success. I am growing lowryder #2 this year, iv been told its the best strain to grow outdoors. I started 10 seeds last week and there going well on my windowsill now. They are about an inch tall haha. Im going to keep them ther for about two more weeks then move them outside to the lovely plot iv made up for them.Its a small 2×1 area, iv mixed compost, organic Fertilisers pellets and a small bit of dried cow shit in with the existing soil. I also added some lime so the PH level is about 6.5. hopefully ill get a very good harvest this year. Ill post some pictures when they get a little bigger.
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