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Sorry if this has been suggested before…

I have been to other cannabis forums and one had a chat system powered by "AJAX CHAT" and it was really great to be able to sign into the website and chat with other users online like the good ol days of AOL. Here at GC I constantly see familiar names online everyday like me and I think about the exchange of ideas that could flow in a chat room.

It feels disconnected to talk to someone post by post when we could be making our smiley faces at each other in a chat room instead of cluttering our grow journals.

This chat system had a general chat room and the ability to "whisper" and make your own chat rooms to invite others and such. You can link pictures and gifs and it was overall a good time talking about cultivation, cars, marijuana, sports, pot, movies, cannabis, and stuff like that…

What do you think? Does GC wanna chat it up?
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