The movie limitless was incredible. It actually seems more original than 98% of the movies coming out today. When I was watching I could relate some of my experiences on the herb to the effects of NZT-48 (the pill).

Ever since I started smoking daily I have been able to do more with my life. My sketching and marker drawing skills have improved tenfold. I havent done very much homework but I have spent many hours researching many different topics from world history, to concept and industrial design, and many fields of sciences.

I havent kept a large notebook or anything but I have started to design a car out of carbon-fiber/kevlar composites. I have already made a 2×4 beam out of the material which I presented at my senior project. With only 2 layers it is stronger than most high strength steels and will not bend or warp even with the will of god. I have made side pieces for my car and am carving a foam template so I can replace the old bumper that weighs 75-100 LBS.

I thought I would share this story to show how marijuana has improved my life for the better. I do not rely on the high to give me a temporary state of euphoria. It does not differentiate between good and bad. It simply opens up different channels of my mind that I am free to explore. It also reminds me that despite having a family filled with alcoholics that constantly fight to control each other, there is still the world for me to see.

Everyone around me tells me to use the best of my mind but I need the freedom to go out and do that. Just thought I’d share this, have a merry 4/20.
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