Crackhead poses as a fundraiser for Sick Kids; steals neighbour’s iPod.


Yeah so I got a knock at the door ’round 9:30 last night.

Some lady apparently collecting for Sick Kid’s hospital.

She asked me for money. Now, she looked like a sketchbag, but she had a pledge sheet and there were a group of girls waiting down on the sidewalk for her. Or so I thought.

I figured it all out after the fact. I didn’t give her money because I’m a broke college student. She asked if I had ’empties’ that I would donate to a bottle drive. Those, I have plenty of, so I said she could have them. SO she took down my address, and said someone would be around at 1pm today to get them.

Okay, so here’s what actually happened.

No one came for my fucking bottles this afternoon, and I was confused as fuck. Waited around thinking maybe they were behind.

THEN my upstairs neighbour knocks on my door. She asks if some lady came collecting for Sick Kids last night. I say yes, and that I was pissed that they didn’t come for my bottles.

SHE tells me that this suspicious woman knocked on her door also asking for donations, and FOR SOME REASON WHICH I CANNOT COMPREHEND, the girls upstairs let her inside.

I may have been dumb for not questioning why Sick Kids would collect my empty beer bottles, nor why this woman looked like a meth fiend. BUT, I did not let her into my house, although she tried to get inside by ‘sweet-talking’ me (if that’s what you want to call it). SO I clue in that the group of girls ‘waiting’ for her LIKE SHE SAID THEY WERE, were actually people hanging out next door waiting to catch a cab to hit the bars downtown. But, this woman ended up jacking my neighbour’s iPod and peacing the fuck out. Naturally, everything made sense at that point. I didn’t get scammed. They did.

Some people are scum. Fucking scum. Anything to get their god damned fix. If I see this person, this ‘thing’ (for she does not qualify as a human being), I am going to punch her in the head until she dies. The people living next door to me also got their bicycle stolen that night at some point. Sketchy business. Now I remember why it’s important to lock your door at night. I’m not donating to anybody who comes to my door anymore.

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