the stuper stoned drunk getaway story…..


one night, i was really drunk and really stoned and went into the store with my friend with my jacket on to steal a beer….. i put the beer in my jacket, and went to walk out….but on the way out i passed the chip aisle, so i turned back, and grabbed chips, peanuts, bean dip and cookies, and stuffed it all in my jacket with the beer. i wobbled out of the store looking like a retarded deformed penguin….and the cashier came running after me…we ran as fast as we could down the street and the cops were called and were out looking for us…luckily we got away by running through the forest, falling over a few logs, and running past a couple peoples yards…but im just glad my house was quite close…so anyways after the get away, we relaxed on the couch, thinking what what the hell just happened?…..smoked another bowl, drank the beer….and even had our munchies to snack on…………
by the way i havent stolen since, that was enough of a scare to make me not want to do that again……
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