The Typhoon Pipe: An Ongoing Review


After having my eye on this pipe for a couple months, I finally bought it at my local headshop on 420, just in time for the 20% off sale. The original price of the pipe was $54, so the price was sweet.

Anyway, what makes this pipe worth trying out?

On each side of the pipe, there are three diffuser jets as they are called, making for six total. These diffuser jets as they call ’em are very small slits that allow a small amount of air to enter the pipe.

Cool, but what the fuck is the point?

When lighting and inhaling through the pipe, the smoke entering the pipe visibly spins through the pipe as it fills up. This process actually works to cool down the smoke quite noticeably. Also, this is all coming from me, someone who generally always wants water to be involved whilst smoking my dro. Having thought that I would never purchase a dry pipe, I am extremely satisfied with this pipe as it is less of a hassle than a bubbler.

So far, I do not have any complaints with the piece and am enjoying its aesthetics just as much as I do using it.

HalfBrickHarry recommends this piece.

Moar and better pics coming soon.

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