VISC Blackberry – Smoke Report


1) Strain – Blackberry

2) Breeder – Vancouver Island Seed Company

3) Indica/Sativa – Mostly Indica

4) Grown Indoors/Outdoors (If grown Indoors list Type of Light and Wattage) – Indoors, 1000w HPS

5) Days flowered and trichomes color(s) – 54 Days, 10% amber average, 90% cloudy

6) Medium used – ProMix HP

7) Nutrients – Advanced Nutrients Grow-Micro-Bloom

8) Curing method and time – Hang dry for 4 days then glass jars for 10 days

9) Type of high – Up/Down – Down

10) Potency – Medium

11) Brief description of taste/effects

Taste – A somewhat harsh berry taste on inhale and subtle berry flavour on exhale.

Effects – A heavy indica stone with heavy eyes, relaxed body and big time munchies. A good solid indica stone but only lasts about 1 hour. Followed by a light buzz that last another 30 minutes or so.

12) Medicinal uses – Maybe for some short term anxiety relief or relief from minor pain and stress. Probably not a good choice for medical.

13) Additional information – See my soil grow journal "VISC Blackberry grow" for details.
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