General : Hops Hash – Does it work?


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Subject: Hops Hash – Does it work?
Posted: 26April2011 at 02:01

Hi there, sorry to revive an ancient thread, yet as the CEO of Hops Hash incorporated, I felt compelled to intervene on this discussion.  After you shot down our fine product (this discussion appears as the third result in google when Hops hash is typed) we have lost 80% of our customers, the factory has closed and we are working from a small industrial unit. The photos we were using, tragically are copyrighted and 3 lawsuits have been filed so far.  I am at the end of my tether here. Lupulin is actually THC in a heavier, rearranged chemical structure, is Cannabis’s sister, when early flowering looks identical to colas, is literally identical in scent, when burnt, to Neder Polm (Pollen of the highest quality) and it has effects near-identical to top of the line CBD dominant hashish, ie: clean, relaxed, yet not over stimulating or ‘trippy’ in the slightest as certain (Ice-o-lator) hash can be.  Anyway, as a proponent of THC filled Hashish in all its forms, here at Hops hash, all we ever wanted was to provide a sidekick to the old doob, to aid in bringing mellow effects to the table when high THC/low CBD varieties of sinsemillia or hashish marijuana are used. A wise move would you not say? This hash can act as a sleep inducer when buzzy sativas are used.  Please, please, think about things before assuming that Tetrahydrocannabinol Delta Nine is the only valid herbal psychoactive smoke on Earth worthy of consideration. As the company is now at the point of disbanding, our group of scientists have been laid off, if only the societal hierarchy had listened.  Thank you for your time.     
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