Special Sativa Strain Report


Sour Diesel:

As with a countless number of other strains, there are many differing accounts about how exactly this strain came about. The pheno-story goes that Sour Diesel was born at a Grateful Dead show somewhere in the Midwest—Colorado, it is thought— when a variety of S1 Chem Dawg cuts were exchanged. After this fateful genetic barter, the Chem-cuts in question are said to have made their way to upstate New York. From upstate New York, it’s believed the Chem Dawg cuts were crossed with a (Mass. Super Skunk X Northern Lights #5) phenotype, therein producing… the Sour Diesel.

Origin: Upstate New York – Sativa Dominant

Lineage: Colorado Chem Dawg X (Mass. Super Skunk X Northern Lights #5)

Taste: Sour, Pungent

Buzz: Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant strain, which, though very potent has unique, strongly sativa oriented physiological effects that keep smokers giddy throughout their high. It is one of the most desired sativas in the world because of its pleasant cerebral effects, very conducive to studying, cleaning, or doing nearly any arduous task.


Perfectly bulbous, dark green nuggets interspersed with thick orange hairs, Snowcap is an extremely popular sativa strain with a beautiful structure and sweet smell which, once remembered by the nostrils, is never to be forgotten— very similar to Arcata Trainwreck in smell, flavor and effects. Snowcap is a high yielder available in clone and seed form.

Origin: California – Sativa

Lineage: According to rl1 cool from marijuana reviews. com, Snowcap is a sativa hybrid, percentage of which is unknown.

Day/Night: Daytime

Buzz: Snowcap is daytime, cerebral, “up” flower.

UK Cheese:

Originally bred in the United Kingdom, today the Cheese is making big waves across the pond, particularly on the West Coast where she grows vigorously, and beautifully, indoor and outdoor. Anyone familiar with the Cheese can easily discern the stanky smell and physiological setbacks one may incur in the presence of this very strong sativa. The Cheese is a cross of two funky smelling, old school genetics—Skunk #1 crossed with an Afghani Male— thus explaining the absolutely rotten aroma their child emits, and powerful, Indica-tive physiological effects she induces.

Origin: United Kingdom – Sativa Dominant

Lineage: Skunk #1 X Landrace Afghani Kush

Day/Night: Both

Buzz: The cheese is sativa dominant in genetics but indica-heavy on the brain and body. An extremely potent plant reminiscent of 20th century dank, cerebrally stoney and physically relaxing, the Cheese covers all bud bases.

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