A vape won’t get me high?



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Don’t expect to get couchlocked or "stoned" with vaping. Vaping is all about the head high.

I was in another thread about someone who bought an MFLB and said he was only getting buzzed couldn’t get SUPER high like if he were to smoke out of a bowl or bong etc.

So my question is is this true? Can i really not get STONED out of my mind with a vape? Everyone says vape highs are different from smoking highs so i’m wondering now if it’s even worth it to go out and buy a vape now or if I should just wait to get a bong?

I really kinda wanted a vape because it would take away alot of the smell so that way I could smoke in my room on my bed watching tv or something haha but if a vape isn’t going to get me as high as other ways of smoking then i’m not even going to bother buying one.
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