Blackstar 100 Watt LED UFO and CFL Hydro Grow in Grow Tent


Background Information:
This is my first grow journal, but my second grow. The conditions for this grow will not be perfect, but they will be much closer to perfect than my first grow.

Below is a list of improvements:

My first grow had major light leaks, so this time I will be using a grow tent to minimize light leaks (instead of a poorly customized plastic cabinet which I used for my first grow).

My first grow had poor ventilation, so this time I will be using a 120mm PC fan rated at 133.60 CFM and a standard 10 inch table top fan (instead of just a stock 80mm PC fan which I used for my first grow).

My first grow had major heat issues (often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit), so this time I am using a mix of LED and CFL lights (instead of only CFL lights which I used for my first grow).

My first grow had a very strong smell, so this time I am using odor neutralizing gel and may build a simple DIY carbon air filter (instead of just using candles and glade to mask the smell which I did for my first grow).

Room for Improvement:

There is definitely still room for improvement , such as better seeds (I am using bag seeds), better lighting, an inline fan, ducting, a carbon air filter, a PH tester, PH up, PH down, a hygrometer to measure humidity, etc..

I know that the list is long and I know that many would advise against even starting a grow without some of these things, but I have spent my allocated budget on the improvements that I have already mentioned and I am going to give it a go as is.

If this grow fails I will try again in the future (probably with even more improvements), but my first grow had far worse conditions and I still had a reasonable level of self proclaimed success. I am growing exclusively for personal use and I have never smoked a joint that I didn?t like. I am not looking for some holy grail grade stuff, I am just looking for something decent and home grown.

Grow Tent:
Small Mylar Tent

Model: Small 36"x20"x62" Grow Tent 100% Reflective Mylar Hydroponics Grow Cabinet, Non Toxic Hydro Dark Room Box Hut, GYO1001

Lighting Equipment:
Blackstar 100 Watt UFO LED

Model: 2011 100W 6Band Lighthouse Blackstar 2w LED Grow Light
Number of LED’s: 50
LED Type: 2 watts
6 Band LED
Red LED: 630-660nm
Deep Spectrum Blue: 425nm
Beam Angle: 120 deg, 90 deg, 60 deg

EcoSmart 23 Watt Soft White (2700K) CFLs

Light Socket to Outlet Plug

Light Socket Splitter

Surge Protector

Hydroponics Equipment
5 Gallon Black Bucket

Net Pot Lid


Air Pump

4 inch Air Stone

Flora Bloom and Flora Micro

120mm PC Fan

Model: Scythe DFS123812-3000 "ULTRA KAZE" 120 x 38 mm Case Fan
Bearing Type: Sleeve
RPM: 3000 10% RPM
Air Flow: 133.60 CFM
Noise Level: 45.90 dBA
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 38mm

10 Inch Table Top Fan

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