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I have never bought seeds from anyone ever. always thought bag seeds would be enough and that might be true if i didnt live so far north! im actually just a couple hours south of canada and i have yet in the last 2 years to complete a grow because of cold weather(close but no cigar). so anyways i broke down and bought some auto hash plants from bcseeds because they are the only seedbank in canada i could buy online with my debit card(no international purchases except canada) it blows:angry: and they still have yet to show in the mail. i shouldve just taken a drive up north and bought them wholesale but i have no passport.
The thing that makes we wonder about them is the small selection they have not near as many strain as other seedbanks and the phrase (discreet shipping worldwide garanteed) is on ever webpage and email atleast 2 to 3 time?! is that suppose to put my mind at ease or something?! plus they have no privacy policy shit really they dont have anthing but seeds and a checkout, so idk it seems a little shady :2cents: but im up in the air till the seeds show.
im curious to hear of yalls experience with bcseed and for advice on other good seed banks from canada:Peace:

happy grow 2011!!!!
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  • kanadische samenbank


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