Indoor Growing : White Widow nearing harvest


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Subject: White Widow nearing harvest
Posted: 03May2011 at 16:17

It’s not unusual for plants grown from seed to show different traits (usually called different phenotypes). Nearly all hybrid strains will show different phenotypes.

The examples of any strain that are photographed, kept as mothers and passed around as clones are almost always the finest individual females of that strains and have been selected from a group.

It seems these two seeds have turned into one plant that’s a better resin producer and another that may be a better yielder. Both have their advantages. If clones of each had been kept and a grower was trying to decide between them, both plants have an advantage and many growers might try to keep both.

One makes a more potent smoke, one makes more weight, which is quite common. The ‘elite phenotype’ would display both, but one might have to germinate a few seeds to find it.

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