If you don’t have a vaporizer yet


You’re a moron.

I joined this site over 4 years ago. I heard about vaporizers soon after I started smoking. But they all seemed too expensive so I said, “Fuck that”. About a year ago I decided to buy one. In terms of value, health and experience… the vaporizer rules all.

Value – An 1/8 used to last me less than a week when smoked. An 1/8 now lasts at least 2 weeks, even when shared with moochers. The amount of bud you would need to grind up and roll into a fat blunt would LITERALLY make at least 4 FAT vape bowls. And one fat vape bowl has at least 10 solid hits.

Health – It’s healthier to inhale vapor than carcinogenic smoke blah blah blah, we’ve all heard it before. I don’t know the exact science behind it, but it makes sense.

Experience – Vapor tastes better than smoke. Simple as that. After about 7 or 8 hits the bowl becomes noticeably browner, and the tastes starts to get sketchy after that.. but even the nastiest vape hit tastes better than smoke

I do not work for any vaporizer company… I have no reason to promote this. I am just like you, a pot head who was skeptical about vaporizers until I bought one.

I own these vaporizers and I use them at least 3 times a day.

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(only registered users can se the link, login or register)

The first is my “desktop” vaporizer and the second is my portable. I’ve used the volcano and it’s great but costs 600 fucking bucks. Fuck that. The Buddha works just as well and the MFLB is a great portable vaporizer.

Get with the times.
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