Effective, Smokeless Medical Cannabis Extracts Available


?A California-based company has introduced three cannabis based medicinal extracts (CBMEs), also known as tinctures, derived from organic plant material. They offer patients a choice of low, medium or high euphoric component THC, balanced with the healing cannabinoid CBD.According to CBD Science LLC, based in San Francisco, “These are the first CBME products on the market with certified potency and purity, scientifically calibrated and documented.”Steep Hill Lab certifies the CBMEs as Safe Cannabis?, free of pesticides and mold. The lab also documents potency through THC and CBD levels.The CMBE products, branded Alta California, are so far available to patients with valid recommendations at the following nonprofit dispensaries: Medithrive in San Francisco; Crme De Canna in Santa Cruz; and Magnolia Wellness in Orangevale, California.

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  • medithrive budgenius


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