My First Outdoor Guerilla Grow – PA/OH border – Nirvana Northern Lights :)


This will be my first ever outdoors grow and I am going guerilla. So far I have ordered 5 Nirvana Nothern Lights feminized seeds off of The Attitude early last week with the t-shirt so they should be in any day now lol. Also have bought my dirt which is a few bales of Fafard Growing Mix 1P. I am going to mix that in each hole with one bag of Fox Farm Ocean Forest per hole (with more on top for the first month so dont have to fertilize first month)

I have 2 grow spots picked out. One is within jogging distance of my house and the other one is where I can park at a local spot and then also "jog" to my site. Both places are facing south so I will get full sun from about 7am-3pm during the crucial hours for MJ. Boy that compass on Iphones comes in handy when picking a spot:D

I am going to be using a fish fertilizer with a 3-1-1 for my fertilizer during veg and then probably some Bio-Bloom or something during flower. I used Bio-Bloom during my only other grow, which was a few years ago inside at my old house, and had good results with my White Widow.

Will be digging my holes this weekend once it starts rainging and no one is outside and hopefully planting by end of May or first of June. Have been doing a TON of studying and planning so hoping it turns out good. Anyone know what kinds of yields I could possibly expect per plant with the info I have given? If not no biggie cause I know its hard to tell…just was looking for somewhat of an estimate since I have never grown outdoors before. Oh yeah, also will probably top them twice to kep them short and bushy….
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