New here: About to buy first bong


By "first bong" – i mean first "good, expensive, bong"

What’s up guys, new to the forums, but not to smoking. I’ve decided to go ahead and drop some serious cash and do it right and get a nice bong. I had a greenstar back in the day and it hit decent, but I have been smoking out of pipes for the last year or so. I’m ready to get a nice piece … I’ve done some reading on the forums, but would just like some general tips/recommendations.

So far, I think I am going to get one with a perc, diffuser, and probably an ashcatcher.

May get a RooR or a Helix, but not really sure on the brand. The RooRs were the shit a few years ago, but haven’t heard too much about them lately.

I’m going to be buying at my local headshop, chill guys, and I don’t expect they sell fake shit but who knows.

Any suggestions as far as a good quality bong goes? Anything else I should look at getting with the perc, diffuser, and ashcatcher? Recommend any new brands? I’m thinking either 5mm or 7mm, prob a 14" – 18"

Thanks guys
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