Obama OG Marijuana Hits San Diego Dispensaries


?A new(ish) strain of medical marijuana named after President Barack Obama has hit San Diego dispensaries over the past few months.The “Obama OG” strain seems to be different than the simple “Obama” pot that one shop was offering in February 2009, reports Dave Maass at San Diego CityBeat. The general consensus on that strain was that it was just a marketing ploy timed to take advantage of the inauguration.There’s no birth certificate available, but Obama OG seems to actually be one of the latest of the OG Kush strains that have been popular in Southern California, with Skywalker OG being one of the most popular for the past year. The “OG” means it is a descendant of a particular strain of Kush, an indica. The debate still rages among cognoscenti whether “OG” stands for “Ocean Grown” or “Original Gangsta.””There’s several schools of thought as to where ‘OG’ came from,’ ” San Diego medical marijuana activist Eugene Davidovich told CityBeat. “And there’s very little standardization or solid information you can find about where it comes from because of the fear a lot of people have of talking about it.”

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