Blackjack & Auto Berry Grow


Hey guys & gals. I thought I would start a journal so I can log my grow and see what you guys think.

Let’s start off with my room:

Roughly 4x4x8 closet (ceiling tapers down to 4′ at its lowest point) lined with emergency blankets

4" intake hole on the door with ducting running to a 7000 BTU AC

6" exhaust hole with a 180cfm inline booster fan (I’m going to purchase a real exhaust fan with a carbon scrubber very soon)

Lighting & Materials:

400W HPS from HTG
96W 2′ 4 bulb Hydrofarm HO T5

12" oscillating fan
6" fan

pH meter
2 plug digi timer
1 plug pin timer

Soil & Nutes:

Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Mix of Coco, Peat Moss, and Perlite

FF Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom

I think I have everything covered. So I planted 4 germed fem Auto Berry seeds in FFOF cut with a little perlite on 4/20. They all sprouted on 4/24 and looked good at first. The soil ended up burning the crap out of 3 of them.

The lone survivor has really come back, but it is very small for ~18 days. I flushed twice and the yellowing stopped spreading. It has growing nicely the past 2 days.

On 5/3 & 5/4 I planted 2 germed fem Blackjack seeds from Nirvana in the mix posted above. They have been doing great right out the gate.

I stupidly forgot to plug my T5 into the timer. It was running 24/0 while the HPS was 18/6. I noticed some leaf curling because of this so I have since settled on only the HPS 18/6. Curling is gone now.
My temps range from 69-79.

I am thinking about giving the Blackjacks their 1st dose of Big Bloom today. Maybe 1/4 strength to test the waters.

They will be transplanted to 3 gallon pots soon.

1st pic- Blackjack Day 8
2nd pic- Blakjack Day 7
3rd pic- Auto Berry Day ~18

Thanks everyone!

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