Set up for about $500?


I don’t have the money ready just yet, but in about a week or two, I’m going to be looking somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 on a bong set up. As of now, I’m thinking I’ll go with a SG King Stemline (Assuming, of course, that I can find one in stock somewhere), and a nice, but as of yet to be determined, ash catcher for it.

Is this my best bet? Or can I do better for around the same price range? I was also looking at the Luke Wilson 15 arm perc with 10 arm downstem, but I feel like thats less practical and more, "LOOK AT WHAT I GOT!!!" …but somebody correct me if I’m wrong on that. I’m mainly looking for something I can use as a daily driver, as my worked inline bubbler just doesn’t cut it any more.

Also, I will be willing to up my price range as long as its worth putting in the extra. But nothing crazy, still in the same neighborhood, can’t go spending a grand or anything. Need to put the excess aside to book an anniversary vacation for my girl.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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