using black light in last weeks of flowering.


I have had a friend that is a good grower and he has sweared up in down using black light in last week of flowering will increase resign production during light off time.

I decided recently to give it a try and i was surpized with the results.
first i will say seemed to me it stressed my plants out..
second i must say the resign production seemed to be higher buds also fermed up quite a bit more than before..
so why is this??
I went through my nurmeous books I have and actually found a section where black lights have been tested and do increase resign production i was shocked that it was in there I know i read that book before and dont remember reading that before but now i will continue using black lights in the last week of my dark time..

also in that book it talked about stressing your plants can increase resign production so in my mind the UV light from the black lights must stress out the plants some how dont understand it if anyone has any real info on it let me know that i can get the science behind it i like to understand shit…
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  • black light last 2 weeks flowering
  • add black light to last 2 weeks of flowering
  • blacklight växter

  • blacklight växter
  • add black light to last 2 weeks of flowering


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