Cardboard & Duct Tape … a DIY’ers best friend


or .. so i’ve been told

Good evening,

So, back when I was planning my middle bedroom grow adventure a few years ago and started getting things together to make this happen ie: black plastic for makin walls, staples and the toy to shoot them etc. on a tightish budget, a friend told me that cardboard & duct tape would be my best friend and that I should become familiar with its abilities to construct things.

Well, I have been practicing recently and although i’m still not that good at nailing two pieces of wood together and having them come out as i’d like them too, it has appeared that configuring cardboard boxes into common things for use in a grow room is becoming easier.

I have this on the small side squirrel cage blower I wanted to use to "exhuast" my flower tent and had to remove the duct tape i’d used a couple of years ago to attach a cardboard box to it so I could then attach a cut piece of a mailing tube that’d fit into the then "Intake" snorkle for a passive exhaust setup courtesy of a friend.

I’d never been too swift on the passive exhaust with powered intake for one reason there was way too much positive air pressure inside. A bonus if your running tight quarters, positive pressure will bulge the tent to a degree.

Yesterday, I carefully took that configuration apart tryng to save as much duct tape as possible since not having any and no $$ to get any. I managed to salvage enough to change the config of the blower from blowing for Intake use to blowing for exhausting purposes.

Which just meant removing the small cardboard box that was used to fit over the squarish outlet of the blowers exit as a junction into the round tube that fit the 4" Intake snorkle of the tent rather nicely.

Now, in its new configuration, it’s been put together using a different sized (larger) box mounted to the intake side of the blower by removing a top flap and contouring the others around the fans housing and securing with used tape.

On the bottom side of said box, the tube was set onto it, a circle traced round the perimeter and that portion of the bottoms flaps cutout. The tube was then inserted into the hole and duct taped to the box secure enough to hold it in place.

This setup was connected to the tent roofs "Exhaust" snorkle which like the all the snorkles on my tents are pulled inside out (gives more room inside) then back on itself enough to gain access to the drawstring that secures attached ducting or works around this small section of a heavy cardboard mailing tube.

As the title suggests, CB & DT being your best friend but, at this point i’m out of duct tape so, I turn to electrical.

I felt so proud of myself for making no, converting this project from an Intake to an Exhaust blower using cardbpoard & duct tape I felt confident to tackle another CB & DT project i’d been thinking of doing.

The flower tents Intake snorkle is now left opened, allowing light from within to escape and any light in the room to get in. So, I went to bed last night thinking of how to make a lightproof box that would still allow air to pass freely aka a Darkroom Louver and came up with …

Taking a cardboard box, on the opened end staple the edges of a piece of foam to the edges of the flaps, tape the corners and trace a tube on the bottom flaps, cut the hole using my Xacto knife and insert another piece of mailing tube (I have a few of these to play with).

This time as far as the tube insertion went, I added a few wraps of electrical tape around the base of the tube before feeding it through the hole from inside the box. I left one end flap unattached to the foam to get inside in case I needed to for any reason.

After the tube was inserted and wiggle room was at a minimum I taped the perimeter around the tube-to-box trying to keep it as ( 😆 ) airtight as possible. When everything seemed good enough the foam was stapled to the flap sealing up the unit.

As I type this, i’ve i’m already figuring out gen 2 which will have replacable filters instead of this non filtering foam. This is just a lightproofing apparatus without making those "S" shaped PVC pipes which require you purchase stuff. Everyone should have a roll of Duct tape or Gorilla tape and cardboard boxes I mean hey. pffft

This was fun and the seem to be very sufficient for what there being used for, for now that is.. Until I get some more Gorilla tape hmmm..

Well, have a Great evening and put on your thinking caps and lets see what you can come up with with Cardboard & Duct Tape (or electrical)

pic 1 the flower tent finally turned back on with the next session to go "v2"
pic 2 looking up at the blower on top of the flower tent
pic 3 closeup of "Exhaust" configuration
pic 4 ditto
pic 5 while taking a break, I found this in my bag of Fritos
pic 6 the "Intake" config (snorkle side)
pic 7 ditto (filter side)
pic 8 waiting for installation
pic 9 installed resting on a another box to keep the airflow straight, not that it needs it. It can easily hang without damaging snorkle.

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