I’m afraid I’m going to get fired, not sure what to do


This company I work for has really been pushing us to do a lot more, faster, and a lot of BS for the last 2 yrs….I been bitching and going along somewhat…but they know I ain’t liking it…It’s been hard on me, and another guy a few years older than me, with all the changes. Pushing us to do 7 jobs where we did one, trying to feed us a lot of BS, messing with our money etc….But I have still been gettin’ decent reviews, and even last week, we have to do these stupid ass things called Personal Development Plans, basically telling the company what you plan on doing in the next year, goals, training, etc, to help the company, and the sup seemed cool with what I had.

Well, evidently somebody chewed his ass, Wednesday, cause he was in meetings for awhile. Come Thursday morning, he went on a rampage, we noticed he was pacing the floor, looking at everyone, finally he comes over to the older guy and chews his ass, telling him, we been talking too much, he ain’t doing all the work he should be, he’s going too slow, etc…. next he came to me, and then he got another guy, in the aisles as we were picking orders, which is what we were supposed to be doing.

Well, first of all this fat, lazy MF comes up to me with an attitude from hell, talking loud, just below shouting, all in my face. I was giving it back just as good, but everything I tried to tell him I had done, he brushed aside and inserted his negative shit, downing me… now me, I am a real easygoing quiet guy mostly, until you rile me, then you better get the fuck out of my way…I am an ex- Marine and I don’t put up with no bull from nobody. My temper was getting hotter and hotter, I was trying my damndest to hold back, but this punk was just like he was gouging me in the side with a stick and trying his damndest to stare me down. I raised my voice to match his, which was only about half as loud as I can get, when pissed. I was so mad I was trembling, if he had went 30 seconds longer, I swear he would have been picking himself up off the floor…..but I knew, he knew I would lose my job for certain. He even went so far as to tell me, I was to be working AT 8am, and if I had to, to come in early to use the restroom.

I know, that I will NOT tolerate anything else from him, and if he tries, he will push me beyond control. If he gets in my face again, I swear I will back hand him across the room. I will be thoroughly fucked if I lose my job, but I will not tolerate ANYONE trying to rough-shod over me, and talk BS on me……he just told me the other day, I was one of the top notch people as far as knowing the system, and told me in my last review, I was the best as far as catching errors and learning on my own….I am considering having a conversation with the Pres of the company, who I know and explain to him the situation….not sure how that might go though. I already dread going in Monday, cause I am expecting him to be on my ass again……

I am already looking for another job, have been for awhile now, but nothing in the works at all….:(
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