Indoor Growing : Any comments on my plants White Skunk


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Subject: Any comments on my plants White Skunk
Posted: 14May2011 at 21:58

Germinated feminized white skunk beginning of april. They are now 44 dyas old on day 3 of flower.I can see on one of them there are fan burn marks,had some trouble when the fan fell but looks ok i think now. Im in 10 ltr pots but have noticed already theres a few roots sticking a good inch or more out of the holes on the bottom. Im trying to be really carefull when turning the pots around every now and again.  Im watering every two to three days with the 3rd one being with bio-bloom NPK 2.0-6.0-3.5 and topmax npk 0.1-0.01-0.1 and using half the recommended dose of 4ml per litre of water.I gave them this for the first time a cpl of days ago when i moved from the veg nutes…How much water should i be feeding my ladies? 3 are about 20inches ones is 14 and the other 15inches…i usually just do till all soaked and i can see a little run off..then wait a few mins and do again…think at the moment im feeding a ltr per plant?…that doesnt sound enough?pics aint that great…with and without flash…and dont think i got em all there or they are mixed up when uploadedcheers all
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