Indoor Grow Diaries : Starsky & H.K. weed leaf


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Subject: Starsky & H.K. weed leaf
Posted: 17May2011 at 19:49

Time for a new, hopefully full, diary. the next seeds that i planted are: 2 Starsky’s and 2 Hindu Kushes. The Starsky #1, as the creator named it, is an awesome gene that a friend of a friend gave me.It’s made from crossings between White Berry, Big Bang, White Widow and Great White Shark.

%3ceed%20leafToday i put the last germinated starsky, in the pot. The other one is about a day or two, old. And the HK’s are 4 days. I usually set a general date for all of them. i’m too lazy to keep individual account %3cig%3c. Enough talk, some pics:

Hindu Kush #1:

Hindu Kush #2:

Starsky #1:

I also kept 4 clones which were in 12/12 from the beginning, to see if they would come back to veg.

White Berry, 2 clones which i won’t keep:

Hindu Kush #2, clone:

Hindu Kush #3 (the really long, fat one), clone:


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